Simple Employee Management Software

Not only does your organization need to hire and
retain the right employees, you need a simple software
that stores and manages their documents.

For over thirty years, Wolfe Inc. has been helping organizations hire and retain the right employees. Part
of that process is simple storage and management for all employee documents. That's why we created WolfeOne. Our software is easy to use, saving you time and reducing stress by ensuring you always have the right documents in place and that they’re always up to date.

WolfeOne Is The Right Fit If You Need:

 A partner that responds helpfully & quickly

 An online dashboard that’s intuitive, so you can easily manage your files

 More time to develop your HR Department

 The right documents for total compliance

 Automatic reminders so no more expirations get past you

 An extension of your team that knows what you need

Here’s What WolfeOne Clients Are Saying About The Software

"Wolfe has made many adaptations to better serve our company. Their software updates us whenever employee document renewals are required, as well as when employees have been selected for random drug tests."

- Lynn, WolfeOne Client

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