Intelligent Software for Managing Your
Organization's Employee & HR Documents

Digitize Your Document Storage

Have A Team That Manages It

Know You're Following Laws
& Regulations

Looking for an easier way to manage employee documents?
How about handing them off?

From working with companies for over 30 years, we learned that most HR departments struggle to keep their employee documents up to date. That is why we created WolfeOne as a software to manage your employee documents, ensuring you never miss a job specific expiration date and always have the documents your employees need. You deserve more time to focus on the other things that matter at your company. With WolfeOne, you’ll get that time and so much more.

Here’s How WolfeOne can make Important Documents
the Easiest Part of Your Job:


Meet Requirements

Eliminate missing or expired documents

FMCSA/Clearinghouse,HIPPA, and DOT compliant

close up view of stacks of blank paper with metal binder clips

Handoff Your Documents

Streamlined & organized job specific document storage



Get Update

Notifications before your documents expire

More time for what matters most for your company

Who Is WolfeOne For?


DOT covered emplyers


Health Care





Getting Started Is As Easy As


Schedule a Call

We’ll learn your needs and create
a plan to digitize, streamline, and manage your documents.


Handoff Documents

Simply import your WolfeOne documents into the software


Let WolfeOne Work

You’ll never have to worry about keeping up with regulations, expirations, and all your documents.


Why WolfeOne?

For thirty years, Wolfe has been a one-stop shop for preventing hiring mistakes. From background checks to drug tests, the team at Wolfe has always made sure that organizations have the smoothest processes for hiring and retaining the right employees. WolfeOne is Wolfe taking it a step further and to ensure that all the documents that organizations have from hiring and keeping top talent are streamlined and managed

Here’s What WolfeOne Clients Are Saying About The Software

"The team at WolfeOne has made my job so much easier. They take care of our company’s documents and update us when necessary. When I need to talk to them, I always get a friendly voice on the phone that is ready to help!"

- Toya, WolfeOne Client

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