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Dear Student,

Please review ALL the information below in preparation for your drug screening. These are important details you must be aware of prior to your testing date and arrival to the testing site.

Wolfe/Lab Corp COVID Protocol

  • A face covering is required to enter any facility for your drug screen collection.
  • Please follow all CDC guidelines when determining if it is safe to visit a facility for your drug screen collection. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html
  • If you or anyone you have been in close contact with in the past 48 hours is or has experienced a fever of 100.2 or higher, you should not visit the facility. Please contact (MYEP CONTACT) to notify of the potential delay and why.  Once you have exceeded 48 hours fever free in combination with no other Covid-19 related symptoms, or you have tested negative for Covid-19 you can then present for your drug screen collection.
  • To test, you must consent to a non-invasive temporal temperature check. Anyone with a fever of 100.2 or higher will be turned away for testing.
  • Collection room facilities are cleaned regularly between each collection, as well as periodic sanitizing of door handles, chairs, pens and electronic signature pads.

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